Contest Rules


The following rules and regulations cover daily contest at WYKS-FM KISS 105.3.
To be entitled to prizes, contestant must qualify to win by satisfying
the terms and conditions set forth below.

1) Contest entry;

  1. The contest or promotion will take place during the dates and times specified in the official rules of the Contest. The Station may change the dates and/or terms of the Contest without prior notice. Any material changes will be broadcast on the Station and/or posted on their website.
  2.  To be eligible to enter, listeners must follow the instructions set forth in the rules of the Contest and must fulfill all of the eligibility requirements of the Contest.

2) Eligibility for Contest are;

  1. Unless otherwise specified, the Contest is open to all listeners of the Station who legally reside in the greater North Central Florida area. Employees of Gillen Broadcasting Corp. hereafter referred to as ‘KISS 105.3’, contest sponsors, any Gainesville/ Ocala broadcast company, their affiliates, subsidiaries, and/or agencies and their immediate families are ineligible to win said contest.
  1. Winners must waive any and all claims of liability against KISS 105.3, Gillen Broadcasting Corporation and its affiliates and respective employees and agents for any personal injury or loss which may occur from participation in this contest or from the use of the prize. If a prize winner is proven by KISS 105.3 to give mis-information about their identity, then the listener is hereby ineligible to become a winner for two calendar years from the date information is proven.
  1. Each winner may win a contest every thirty (30) days on KISS 105.3. You may only win in your own name.

3) Contest prizes and values will be indicated in the rules of the Contest.

4) To be entitled to prize, winners must;

  1.  Execute all documents, forms, releases and other instruments authorizing the use of his/her name, voice, photograph (still, motion picture, video or digital) and other basic personal information for promotional purposes by Kiss 105.3, contest sponsors, their affiliates ,subsidiaries and/or agencies, and;
  2. Agree in writing that Kiss 105.3, Gillen Broadcasting Corp, contest sponsors, their affiliates, subsidiaries and/or agencies and their employees shall be indemnified and held harmless from any and all claims, judgments, decrees or liabilities arising directly or indirectly from participating in, or any prize awarded through said contest, and;
  3. Unless otherwise indicated in the rules of the Contest, all prizes or prize certificates may be picked up at the office of KISS 105.3 7120 SW 24th Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32607. Prizes may be claimed during regular business hours (between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday). Winner(s) will be required to present valid government-issued photo identification and provide their address, phone number, and Social Security number to claim a prize. Unless otherwise permitted by the Station, winners must claim their prizes in person, and prizes cannot be claimed by third parties on behalf of winners. You will need a parent or guardian with you at the time of prize pickup if less than 16 years of age. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the forfeiture of the prize. The winner will forfeit any prize or prize certificate not claimed within thirty (30) days of winning. No alternate winner will be selected and the prize will become the property of KISS 105.3. If a prize or prize certificate is not available at the time that the winner arrives at the studio location to claim the prize, the Station, solely at their discretion, may opt to mail the prize to the winner. In the event that a prize or prize certificate is mailed to the winner, it will be with the prior written consent of the winner and therefore, winner assumes the risk of its loss. KISS 105.3 is not responsible for the safe arrival of a prize or prize certificate.
  4. Agree to such other terms, conditions and requirements as may be reasonably suggested or required by Kiss 105.3

5) There is no substitution, transfer, or cash equivalent for prizes, except that Contest sponsor may, at its sole discretion, substitute prizes of comparable value or cash. The prizes are expressly limited to the item(s) listed in the rules of the Contest and do not include taxes, gratuities or any other expenses. Other restrictions may apply.

6) Kiss 105.3 reserves the right to alter, amend, or cancel any contest at any time for any reason, stated or unstated. Kiss 105.3 and contests sponsors also reserve the right to substitute for any prize, another prize of equal or greater value for any reason, stated, or unstated.

7) Only one winner per household per thirty (30) days. Households are defined as any residence used as the primary residence for an individual by the United States Postal Service, or any residence inhabited by an individual for more than 15 days during the month contestants enters said contest.

8) Prize winners are responsible for any and all International, federal, state and/or local taxes, fees, duties, registration fees, gratuities or any and all other costs or burdens associated with the prize not specifically detailed in prize descriptions above. In the event cumulative prize values won by any single individual in the course of one calendar year exceed $600, Kiss 105.3 or contest sponsors will file an IRS Form 1099 with the Internal Revenue Service, and attempt to send a copy to winner at address specified on contest release form.

9) Kiss 105.3 and contest sponsors are not responsible in the event an Act of God, strike, production delay, natural disaster, quarantine or other event beyond the immediate control of Kiss 105.3 or contest sponsors prohibits the booking, initiation or completion of any prize or part of any prize awarded in said contest.

10) Trips are non-transferable and non-assignable. Trips are to be used by contest winner and a companion, and may not be bartered, traded, awarded or sold to any other individual for any reason.

11) Contestants agree to abide by any and all rules and regulations established at any place of business, including, but not limited to, decorum, dress codes, behavior, and/or sobriety associated with prizes won. KISS 105.3 and contests sponsors are not responsible if any portion of the prize is forfeited due to a violation of the rules of any such establishment by contest winners. In such an event, no prize substitutions will be permitted

12) The Station is not responsible for typographical or other errors in the printing, the offering or the administration of the Contest, or in the announcement of a prize.

13) Copies of the written contest rules are available during regular business hours at KISS 105.3, 7120 SW 24th Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32607.

General Texting Contest Rules

  1. For any and all contests with text message based entry, entrants will be required, as requested through on-air or online announcements, to provide certain information via a text message submission to 352-331-1080.  Text message entries must meet all requirements set forth in the on-air or online announcements in order to be eligible. Winners will be determined in accordance with the criteria set forth in the on-air or online announcement in which entries were solicited.
  2. Text message based entry into any contest is subject to the contest rules, WYKS KISS 105.3 standard terms and conditions and WYKS KISS 105.3’s privacy policy.  The foregoing policies can be obtained from or by sending a written request to KISS 105.3 at 7120 SW 24th Ave Gainesville, FL 32607 for a copy of such policies.
  3. Decisions of WYKS KISS 105.3 management are final. Such decisions may include, but are not limited to, whether an entry adheres to the entry criteria, the time of entry receipt by WYKS KISS 105.3, the order in which text message entries are received, the eligibility of the entrant, and, in the event entry requires the submission of an answer or response, whether that answer or response is correct.
  4. Unless otherwise announced, WYKS KISS 105.3 will not require the payment of an additional fee to enter any contest in which the means of entry is the submission of a text message.  Standard text messaging rates, as established by an individual’s wireless carrier, may apply, and WYKS KISS 105.3 assumes no responsibility for any fees or charges incurred for and associated with any text message sent to or from WYKS KISS 105.3.  By participating in the contest, entrants agree that WYKS KISS 105.3 may contact that entrant at the telephone number from which the text message entry was received. Any and all fees arising out of the transmission of a text message shall be the sole responsibility of the entrant.
  5. By participating in a contest in which text message based entry is permitted, entrants acknowledge that text messages are distributed and delivered through third party providers; WYKS KISS 105.3 does not guarantee, and shall not be responsible for, the delivery or timeliness of any text message entry.  WYKS KISS 105.3 will at all times consider the time that a message is logged as arriving in its system as being the time of entry, regardless of the time at which the entrant attempted to send the entry and any technical problems or other complications that may have delayed its delivery. WYKS KISS 105.3, through its third party text messaging administrators, will store all messages received on its system.
  6. WYKS KISS 105.3 is not responsible for service outages, message failures, transmission delays or any other factor affecting the availability or performance of the text messaging service.   WYKS KISS 105.3 further reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify the contest if, in the sole discretion of the station, it is impossible or impractical to complete the contest as planned for any reason, including, but not limited to, infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention or technical failures of any sort.
  7. WYKS KISS 105.3, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process or who is otherwise in violation of the rules.  If WYKS KISS 105.3 determines that any entry contains false, misleading or fraudulent information, such entry will be disqualified.   WYKS KISS 105.3 may require, on request, proof of identity as to the rightful owner of the phone number from which the text message entry was sent. WYKS KISS 105.3 reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any entry if that entry’s source and sender cannot be reasonably determined.